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Your own delivery website built on WordPress (WooCommerce)

Delivery Service Website Built on WordPress (WooCommerce)

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Turnkey website, branding
Schnitzel Restaurant
Turnkey website, branding
SeaZone Delivery
Turnkey website, branding
Шашлык.рф Delivery

Ready-made solution for a quick launch of a sales service

Our solution is suitable for a wide range of stores with a medium assortment: food delivery, flower delivery, gift delivery, mono-brand stores, iPhone accessories, etc.

Simplicity and convenience for you and your customers

Simplicity and convenience for you and your customers

Convenient one-page product catalog.
Simplify the process of selecting and ordering your products as much as possible, but with getting all the necessary information from the client.

Fully responsive interface

Looks great on any device.
Fully responsive and mobile-friendly design, fast, and SEO optimized.
Fully responsive interface
Works on WordPress and WooCommerce

Works on WordPress and WooCommerce

37% of the web is built on WordPress - the world’s most popular CMS.
WooCommerce allows you to get secure payments, integrate payment and coupon systems, configurable shipping options, collect reports, and much more.

Huge potential for expanding and improving the site - and increasing your audience

Thousands of easy-to-install add-ons help you add functionality to your site. Create customer lists and contact forms, implement subscription tools, set up automatic site backups, and much more.
Huge potential for expanding and improving the site - and increasing your audience
You can rely on us

You can rely on us

Real support from real people.
We will help you create a unique website, customize it, add the necessary features and content, as well as help you promote it in search engines and social networks in order to attract new customers.


We will help you to set up a delivery service to your maximum benefit and convenience of your customers..

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    Product attributes

    Add various attributes to goods, for example, weight, volume, color, etc. They will help you provide the client with all the necessary information about your products in one place, and the client will simplify the selection and ordering of the necessary goods.

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    Product labels

    Make your products more visible with labels: Sales, Hit, New, Hot, etc. They will help you highlight the desired goods, and it is more convenient for customers to choose products.

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    Various payment methods

    Use a separate choice of payment when a customer receives goods: by card or cash. Accept payments by bank cards and e-currencies: PayPal, WebMoney, Stripe, and much more.

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    Various delivery methods and customization areas

    Customize different shipping methods and delivery areas. Specify conditions for paid or free shipping, for example, the minimum order amount.

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    Accounting and detailed information about orders

    Use a simple, convenient and free CRM in the site administration panel. The WooCommerce mobile app will allow you to always have basic information about sales, orders and products at hand.

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    Integration with external CRM

    We will help you set up accepting orders in your CRM system to automate order processing, as well as upload information to social networks.

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    Bulk loading and unloading of goods and photos

    Download and upload a list of products using spreadsheets in .csv, with all the necessary data and photos.

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    Proper SEO-optimized structure

    We will make for you a delivery site optimized for the search engines Google and Yahoo!, following all the main recommendations of search engine optimization.

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    Various schemes of the delivery site

    In addition to the classic scheme of the online store, we will help you set up a delivery site for any scheme of work convenient for you, for example: only pre-order, only prepayment or only self-pickup.

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    Discounts, coupons and bonus cards system

    Create coupons for a percentage of a discount, a fixed discount on the amount of an order and a fixed discount on an item, limit the date and time, allow free shipping, etc. Set a special price for each item and place all sales items on a separate page.

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    SMS, Email and browser notifications, a message about non-working hours

    We will set up the integration with the SMS mailing service for you so that you and your customers can receive SMS notifications about each order. Use Email notifications with all order information, as well as a sound notification in the browser about a new order. Set non-business hours popup alert for your customers.

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    Setting up affiliates with independent content

    If you have affiliates, then we will help you create separate personal accounts for each affiliate (city, district, point of issue, etc.). For each branch, it is possible to set individual settings and content, - from the external design to the product catalog.

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    Multilingual - support for multiple languages

    Translate your website into any language to sell products in different regions. At the same time, content and products on each site can be changed independently, which is a prerequisite for high-quality SEO promotion in different regions.

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    Antispam system

    Perhaps the best anti-spam system Akismet will help you not to waste time looking at unwanted messages coming from the site, which will improve the comfort and stability when working with the site.

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    Integration with online chats and call back systems

    We will integrate your favorite online chat and / or callback to the site for free, or we will select the most suitable option for you.

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    Google Analytics

    We will help you connect and configure Google Analytics, set up goals to track specific actions of site visitors, as well as Facebook pixel to analyze the audience visiting your site.

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    Development mode

    If necessary, for example, when updating prices or uploading new products to the site, you can temporarily suspend accepting orders from the site by publishing the reason for the stop to your customers.

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    Free hosting for a year

    We provide you with free hosting for a year! Daily backup and monitoring of website availability 24/7 - included in the service.

Do you need additional functionality?

We are ready to discuss all your needs and implement the functionality that you need.


We offer you two methods of payment for the delivery site, choose what suits you best:

  1. Fixed payment for a finished website - no commission on sales and monthly payments You get a ready-made website that works only for you.
  2. Placing your site on our network - monthly payments are not tied to your profit Ideal for small or seasonal businesses and startups.
Fixed payment
€ 190
  • Unique design
  • All the features currently available
  • Free basic support first month *
  • Free hosting for a year
Monthly fee
€ 19 / month
  • Typical design (in the corporate color palette)
  • All the feature, updates are free
  • Free basic support *
  • Hosting is free

* Basic support includes:

  • advice on issues related to the site
  • audit and recommendations for website promotion